Concrete Slabs are generally speaking pretty solid bits of kit. However, sometimes it is inevitable that they will break. Just as the wear and tear of nature’s elements chips away at the roofs and walls of your home, the foundations won’t stay immaculate either. However, often people feel quite shocked and panicked if they discover a problem with their concrete slab foundations. That is because, unlike roofs and walls, the foundations of your house are responsible for holding up the entire building! If you notice cracks in this area it can often be quite disconcerting. But never fear! At League City Foundation Repairs, we will always be on hand to provide support. The main thing is that you get in touch with the professionals as soon as possible so we can get to work. In actual fact, there are many ways of easily solving the problem of cracked foundations. Just let us know and we can tell you what the solution is. Please read on to find out more details.

The Service

The first and best way of avoiding concrete slab cracks sounds obvious but it works! It is to avoid them altogether! There are several ways that cracks are formed in the foundations of your house. It can happen with the seasons, with the weather when it gets hot and cold. It can also happen with soil shifting underneath your building. Scary right? Not for us! We have been there enough times to know that there are easy fixes to these problems. The main thing is to stop them early. A small crack is easy to fill but a larger one will present more problems.

But never fear! Even if you do have large cracks in your concrete foundations, we have the tools and the expertise you need to solve the issue. For example, we might use mortar filling. This is a solution of mortar, sand and water and we would use it to plug the gaps. Or, if we need something stronger, we could use an epoxy resin – a waterproof chemical which would seal the foundation. This can be injected deep into the gap and will set there as good as new! Lastly, a hydraulic cement, which is like putty or paste can be pushed it into the areas that are hard to reach. All three methods are foolproof ways of fixing cracks in the concrete slabs in your foundations. Please get in touch today to discuss which one would be best for you or if you need a combination. We are happy to come out for a free inspection in order to see the damage with our own eyes and access the best method for fixing it.

But the main thing is that you feel sure we are providing a good service. We will do all we can to ensure that you are comfortable with the work we will get done and we will always keep to our deadlines. Your security and comfort in your home are of the highest importance to us.