Another thing to think about when ensuring that your home is consistent in its structural security is, of course, drainage. No, i’m afraid the pipes on the walls and the downspouts won’t quite cut it on their own. You still need to make sure that there will never be an excess gathering of water near the foundations of your building. Saturation leads to damage every time. At League City Foundation Repairs, we realise this and that is why we include draining services as part of our portfolio of offered projects.

It is sometimes ignored by real estate professionals. We think the reason for this is that most people just don’t realise that draining needs to include the area immediately around the building as well as near the gutter. The problems that you might face are multiple. For example, homes without comprehensive drainage systems experience something called ‘heave’. In a nutshell, this is where small pools of water can gather in the areas around the structure. It can lead to a build up of liquid in the soil which causes unwanted saturation, putting pressure on the foundations. But there is no need to worry! In League City, we are committed to making sure that this never happens to your home. We have the tools and the know how to help. So, if you suspect that your home or building might be at risk to this kind of damage, please get in touch today to ask for some advice. We are happy to speak to people in the community who have an immediate worry, those who might feel like this work would be useful for them in the future and even customers who we have helped with draining systems in the past who have new concerns.

The Next Steps

If you get in touch with us. The first thing we will do is, of course, listen to your concerns. Then, whenever is most suitable for you, we will come and perform a free inspection of the building in question before proposing a comprehensive plan to remedy the problem. It will be cheaper than you think as well!
One way we might be able to help you is to install some surface drainage systems that will help to clear water that might gather around your house. This is usually achieved with a series of drainage pipes that will redirect water away from problem areas. If you live on a hill, we can include a pump component to help get water up steeper gradients if necessary.
Another favorite in the industry is to use a French drainage system. This is slightly different in the way that it incorporates a trench with underground pumps that intercepts water before it can get near the foundations of your building.
So, whatever your situation, at League City Foundation Repair, we have the answer for you. Please get in touch today to discuss more details, to receive free quotes and estimates and to feel more secure about your home’s foundations today!