We know this sounds like a mammoth task! When someone says ‘house leveling’ or ‘house re-leveling’ to us, it sounds like it would require huge trucks, pulley systems, levers and machinated force. It conjures up an image of a tipping house, like the Titanic, with ropes attached to it on either side and big support beams straining to carry its weight.
Thankfully, at League City Foundation Repairs, we like to operate on a smaller scale. In fact, once you have worked in this industry for long enough, you realize that most jobs need small tools, the right training and precision, accuracy and good preparation. Welcome to League City Foundation Repairs. Here we believe in simple things: using the right tools for the right jobs; assessment and preparation; getting it done on deadline.
Actually, the causes of uneven structural sites are usually found in the soil, underneath the building. In some conditions a loss of moisture in the earth can be enough to change the soil’s consistency. Then, the weight of the building (they’re heavy!) will cause it to begin to sink where the soil has been affected. The loss of uniform support across the structure will then mean weaknesses, cracks and general unease! Things like wall deterioration, tree roots, erosion, underground gasses and flooding can also be a cause of this. If it happens to you, the important thing is to not panic because it’s easily fixable. Next, you should call a professional because if it isn’t fixed right away, there is a greater risk of long-term damage!

How We Can Help

At City League Foundation Repairs, we have the tools and the experience to help you. We really love it when customers ring us up in a worried voice and explain that their house feels slightly uneven. It’s great because we are able to calm them down and to tell them that everything will be A-OK. Because we realize how important your home is to you, part of this phone call will always have an emotional component to it, something we are well prepared for.

Now onto the physical stuff. Firstly, it is important to recognize that the problem often lies in the soil and NOT in the structure’s components themselves. Therefore, the way to remedy uneven houses is to treat the soil. We inject a standardized formula of structural resins into the soil around the foundations. This then reacts with the chemicals in the soil and expands just enough for the ground to resume its former position. Then, ta da! The building will return to its original level. In rare cases, this is not enough but we are well equipped to handle those too. If the soil damage is deeper, we can prepare a full-scale treatment of the ground around the house and, if necessary, we can work on the foundations themselves as well. Whatever the root cause, we will find a solution and ensure that you feel relaxed about the process at every step of the way!