This can be a bit of a painful problem if you’re not careful. After all, homes are not just buildings. They are the things we put in buildings that describe our characters, they are the curtains, the paintwork and the driveway design. Gardens, too – are a big part of what makes a home a home. Most people have a fondness for the nature around them and trees make up a big part of that nature. Especially in League City, we have had instances of protest to protect certain rare oak trees that line our streets and provide shade for our gardens. So, when faced with the prospect of a tree causing damage to the building you live in, sometimes it can be a tough pill to swallow. And what’s more, we can’t see roots, so it is often quite difficult to tell where the damage is coming from.

Thankfully, at League City Foundation Repair, we have a long experience of working with families and real estate workers to make sure that trees and homes are able to co-exist peacefully, without any one causing problems for the other. You’ll be happy to know that, as nature lovers, we always try as hard as we can to keep trees in your garden. Instead, if you are presented with a problem, we can work on ways to solve it by means other than chopping axes!
One of those means is called a ‘root barrier’. It is surprisingly simple! When tree roots are allowed to roam free, they can begin to push on the walls of your house underground. That, mixed with the pressure of the weight of the house, can sometimes cause a problem and render your building structurally unsound. What we can do is to create a physical barrier in the soil between the root and the foundations. Easy, right? Well, yes! However, it is important to consult professionals about this kind of work. At League City Foundation Repair, we won’t just erect a root barrier, we will put it in exactly the right place by using our expertise to judge the likely root pathways in your garden and by thinking along preventative lines. With us, you can be sure your garden remains beautiful and your house remains secure.

The Process

The first thing we will do is perform a free inspection of your garden and assess either the damage already done or the damage that could be done by the trees and their roots. Then, we will draw out a plan to describe the work that we think is suitable. After you have agreed to the proposal, we will insert a root barrier in the ground, cover it over and leave your garden looking as good as new. You can use us as a support call afterwards if you have any concerns about it in the future but that should be enough to prevent root damage to your home. If you have a problem similar to this or you just want to discuss the process further, please give get in touch!