What is a crawlspace? Well, it’s that gap between the house and the ground where the foundations are laid for a solid building. They are great features because they allow for ventilation which minimizes rotten wood, mould and fungus. Also, they keep the foundations of the house away from the damp which adds another layer of protection from some of the damaging aspects of the natural world on your home. But one of the main reasons why crawlspaces are great features for foundations is because they provide the space for much needed repairs when buildings start to get slightly older and need a bit of love and care. As you can probably guess, we love working with houses that have crawlspaces because it means that we can properly get in there and get the job done easily.

Usually, pier and beam foundations are used on these kinds of houses. Wood posts or concrete beams are set into the ground and they have to be pretty sturdy because they bear the weight of the building. This leaves an adequate gap for some electrical wiring and plumbing to run underneath the household. Sounds like a pretty good system, right? It is! But when there is a problem, it is sometimes a bit daunting. Our houses and real estate are very precious to us and for good reason. That is why, at League City Foundation Repairs, we always take the utmost care and due diligence when carrying out work and maintenance in the League City area. We are here to help. Please read on for more details.

How It Works

Well, the first thing to do is to inspect the property and figure out exactly what is causing the damage. This is a service that we provide free of charge. We will talk you through our findings, suggest solutions and see what you think. It is important to us that you understand the work we want to do and you agree to a timeframe with us. Meeting deadlines is a central value of ours and you’ll be impressed by how quickly a job like this can get done if you employ a good team like outs at League City Foundation Repairs.
Despite being a very important part of your building, the foundations below are normally quite an easy thing to fix. But only if you have the right tools and expertise. It may be the case that an area of wood has become rotten. If so, we would need to replace that whilst still keeping the building structurally sound (a job for professionals). Or, there may be some cracks in the concrete. In which case, we can use our materials and tools to fill them and protect them from forming again. We also provide preventative measures for the future. These can range from installing more ventilation in the crawlspace or coating the wood in protective material. When we finish a job, we want to make sure that the work will last for as long as possible afterwards.